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Optimize your broadcasting with our comprehensive service range, leveraging ground stations, software, network infrastructure, and technical expertise. Experience leading solutions tailored to video broadcasters’ diverse requirements.

Transforming Broadcasting Excellence

Welcome to Telenest

Discover Telenest, Pakistan's first PEMRA licensed commercial teleport operator, leading a revolution in the local industry. Offering affordable broadcasting solutions for both international and local needs, our commitment to abundant, cost-effective solutions ensures the highest quality in broadcasting. With a focus on new technology and unparalleled flexibility, Telenest stands out in transforming the broadcasting landscape.

Seamless SCPC Connectivity

Discover effortless SCPC point-to-point connectivity tailored for broadcasters, enterprises, and content providers to experience:

Steady bandwidth and secure data transmission

Dedicated satellite beam for exclusive slot allocation

Swift ground station transitions without altering satellite credentials

This service is Ideal for video streaming, voice-over IP, uplink and downlink services, and backup infrastructure and disaster recovery solutions.

Efficient Turnaround Services

Enhance broadcast operations with streamlined content distribution and reception through satellite uplinks and downlinks to enjoy:

Meticulous transmission monitoring and advanced infrastructure

Global connectivity via strategically positioned ground station

Access to diverse satellite downlinks, including Paksat and Apstar, for re-broadcasting needs

Elevate your broadcasting efficiency today.

Secure Co-Location Solutions

Embrace cutting-edge, secure co-location facilities for house broadcasting, and communication equipment and infrastructure to benefit from:

Scalable, cost-effective solutions minimizing capital investments

Redundant power and precise temperature control

High-speed, reliable connectivity through our satellite networks

24/7 monitoring and security, ensuring full network control

Collaboration with advanced connected data centers for comprehensive protection and storage solutions

Ideal for streamlining operations, eliminating separate setups, and enhancing overall efficiency and security measures

DSNG And KU Band Sharing

Revolutionize DSNG efficiency with shared mobile units and cloud-hosted Ku Band time slots. This approach offers:

Unparalleled flexibility and significant cost savings

Quick scalability and adaptability to changing broadcast needs

Enhancing flexibility, reducing costs, and driving innovation

Join the forefront of resource optimization and industry advancement.

Consulting Services

Telenest provides expert consulting services alongside our other solutions for the dynamic media and entertainment sector. Our specialties include:

We help you with broadcasting strategies for maximum impact

We optimize your high-speed internet access via satellite

We advise on your compliance, minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities

We enhance your digital content distribution efficiency

We empower clients with invaluable insights to navigate industry challenges and drive sustainable growth.
MCPC Services

Elevate your broadcasting with our Multi Channel Per Carrier service and benefit from.


Partnering with global satellites, we deliver premier transponder leasing services, specializing in cost-effective, dependable, and scalable C-band, Ka-band, and Ku-band solutions.

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