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Exceptional Performance & Unbeatable Value With Telenest's Teleport MCPC Solutions

Experience Top-Tier Connectivity, Without Breaking the Bank with Telenest’s Teleport Multi Channel Per Carrier (MCPC) Solutions

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Flexibility with Telenest's MCPC Service

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced technical support team, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring and support for the highest transmission service integrity. Tailored Transponder Leasing Services Choose from a wide range of C-band and Ku-band transponder leasing services tailored to your specific needs:

Versatile Channel Allocation
Telenest's MCPC service empowers broadcasters with unparalleled flexibility in channel allocation. Whether you're managing a handful of channels or a comprehensive network lineup, our MCPC solution allows for seamless allocation adjustments to meet changing broadcasting demands.
Dynamic Content Distribution
With Telenest's MCPC service, broadcasters can dynamically distribute content across multiple channels with ease. Whether it's live events, scheduled programming, or on-demand content, our platform enables swift and efficient content distribution to reach diverse audiences.
Scalable Transmission Capacity
Adapt to evolving broadcasting needs with Telenest's MCPC service, which offers scalable transmission capacity. As your audience grows or your content portfolio expands, our solution provides the scalability to accommodate increased transmission requirements without compromising quality or reliability.
Enhanced Broadcast Management
Telenest's MCPC service equips broadcasters with advanced tools for broadcast management, allowing for seamless scheduling, monitoring, and control of multiple channels. Our intuitive platform streamlines operational workflows, empowering broadcasters to focus on delivering engaging content while optimizing broadcasting efficiency.


Rest Assured We Are Your Broadcast Partners

Economical Transmission

Rest assured of cost-effective transmissions with our MCPC service, guaranteeing efficiency without compromising on quality.

Strategic Location

Our strategically located teleport provides access and visibility to many satellites with coverage worldwide.

Scalable MCPC Adaptability

Easily adapt with our scalable MCPC. Add or remove channels as required, accommodating shifts in demand.

Secure Facilities

Feel secure within our fortified earth station facilities, complete with stringent service level agreements, comprehensive redundancy, and unwavering protection.

Exceptional 99.9% Uptime

With cutting-edge technology, we boast unwavering connectivity, delivering content without a glitch and maintaining an exceptional 99.997% uptime, surpassing industry standards.

Remote Playout

Seamlessly link to numerous studios and broadcasters with our remote playout service. Transition seamlessly between live and recorded content, schedule events and commercials, and leverage automatic alerts and QC setups for impeccable playout management.

Immerse in streamlined broadcasting. Redefine viewer connection through our MCPC service.

Transforming Broadcasting Excellence

Welcome to Telenest

Discover Telenest, Pakistan's first PEMRA licensed commercial teleport operator, leading a revolution in the local industry. Offering affordable broadcasting solutions for both international and local needs, our commitment to abundant, cost-effective solutions ensures the highest quality in broadcasting. With a focus on new technology and unparalleled flexibility, Telenest stands out in transforming the broadcasting landscape.

Satellite Transponder

Partnering with global satellites, we deliver premier transponder leasing services, specializing in cost-effective, dependable, and scalable C-band, Ka-band, and Ku-band solutions.

Broadcasting Solution

Optimize your broadcasting with our comprehensive service range, leveraging ground stations, software, network infrastructure, and technical expertise. Experience leading solutions tailored to video broadcasters' diverse requirements.

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